Uber London is not welcome in the capital anymore

Uber not welcome London

Apparently Uber London is not welcome in UK’s capital, the Transport for London has posted a tweet on its official Twitter account, saying it will not renew Uber’s license to operate in London.

According to the authority, Uber’s license expire on September 30, and due to the company’s failure to comply with security and safety standards, it will not obtain a new license until it fulfills the requirements of the authority.

Disputes began between the two parties since the company refused to provide driver and passenger data to the Authority, in which the company said in a statement it is a private and should not be viewed by the authorities for no reason.

More than 3.5 million passengers in London will lose adequate and cost-effective transportation, and more than 40,000 drivers will be left without a job due to the decision, said Uber.


Via: Twitter

Image creditReuters/Neil Hall