Low iPhone 8 launch from Apple stores

Apple store iphone 8 launch

Usually when Apple announces a new iPhone there are huge crowds in front of its stores, so that some have been waiting in line for days before the official launch. But the low iPhone 8 launch is so disappointing that some of the company’s stores did not have anyone wanting to get in and buy the phone during its launch date last week.

According to Reuters in front of one of Apple’s store in Sydney that only 30 people were waiting to buy the phone. This image is completely opposite to the previous one where hundreds were gathering.

In Pasadena, California there was no one in front of the company’s shop. People usually wait the night before the iPhone was launched.

In fact, it is not surprising that this absence for buyers was expected since the company’s conference, where it did not make major changes to the phone so much that it is considered a copy of the iPhone 7 but got the name of the iPhone 8

We will wait and see when the iPhone X is available on November 3, and despite its high price at $1000, how will it turn out?

Via: Reuters