Google Pixel Event for 2017 is here

Google Pixel event

After several months of leaks from here and there, we made it, today we’re finally at the 4th of October (I know it’s not like the 4th of July, but come on guys) it’s Google major hardware event of the year where the company unveil its 2017/2018 line of product, which I like to call it Google Pixel Event.

Last year at the same day October 4th, Google unveiled it’s new line of products like Pixel and Pixel XL, alongside with Google Home and Daydream view.

But today Google is going deeper with 2 phones Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, Google Home Mini, new Daydream view, PixelBook and other products. We know almost everything, thanks to the leaks.

You can watch the live stream from the comfort of your sofa right here

Enjoy !