Google is close to buy HTC’s mobile division

HTC logo

HTC logo

HTC is one of the important manufacturer of Android devices, but the last couple of years wasn’t good for the company financially.

Despite the release of the beautiful smartphone U11 with the squeezable edges, the mobile department still in lost. The current revenues are at the lowest level since 13 years ago, and only from last year to now the company lost 50% of its revenue, only bad news, and yes even after the release of U11, the situation is still worst.


But there is a new report suggesting that is Google in a final stage in negotiations of acquiring the Mobile division at the Taiwanese company. This is not the first time for Google, if you remember back in 2011 when Google bought Motorola for 12.5 Billion Dollar, to sell it years later to Lenovo with much cheap price.

If these reports to be believed, this mean that Google secure a good deal for its Pixel, with HTC experiences in design and manufacturing could help Google achieve its strategic plans.

By the way, HTC Vive the company virtual reality unit isn’t part of this deal, only the mobile division. We have only to wait and see.

Source: Commercial Times (Chinese)