[Google Event] Google Home Max unveiled

Google Home Max unveiled

Google followed Apple’s footsteps and launched a voice headset called Google Home Max with a rectangular design that works horizontally and vertically.

Machine learning techniques have been introduced to give better sound quality with a 4.5-inch amplifier. This speaker would give you the level of sound in the Google Home 20 time better according to Google.

The smart thing this speaker can do is a smart audio feature that adjusts the sound to fit the speaker and the room around it. The audio is automatically adjusted without user intervention, so it adjusts the volume automatically by time, giving a low sound in the morning, for example.

The handset supports several applications and services such as free and paid Spotify, Play Music, YouTube, Pandora and TuneIn Radio.

Google Home Max will be sold for $399 starting from December, with a one-year free subscription to YouTube Music. Silver and black colors are available.