Google Assistant and Lens gains new powers [Video]

Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Last week Google had a developer event in Krakow called Google Developer Days (GDD) Europe, the 2 days (5 & 6 September 2017) are about : “showcase our latest developer product and platform updates to help you develop high quality apps, grow & retain an active user base, and tap into tools to earn more” in Google words.

What is interesting though is the presentation about Google Assistant, where the presenter Behshad Behzadi (Assistant team at Google Zurich Switzerland office) show couple of demos about the New features the Assistant and Google Lens will have, so let’s dive in.


Google Assistant

The Assistant gain a lot of power and improvement since its launch, in the demo it shows its power in the noisy environments, faster in answering questions, and with improvements in natural language processing the Assistant shows powerful contextual answer in a complex series of questions.

Another cool feature coming to the Assistant is the ability to reference a variable to determine an answer when a relevant question is asked, for example the presenter sets a temperature preference for swimming in Lake Zurich and then asks Google Assistant if he’ll be able to swim the weekend, and it responds yes or no by referencing that stored preference. Pretty cool!

All those features are not live yet, according to the presenter some of them will be live this year, others until the next year.


Google Lens

Showed the first time at Google I/0 2017 back in May, this service is still not launched yet, but it is expected this fall with the launch of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, it can basically pull contextual information from an image or a place via the camera or the Assistant.

The presenter show two examples of how powerful Lens become, first he asked how many calories in an apple by simply pointing it at the apple, the Assistant answer right away, another interesting example in which Behshad asked how many Swiss Francs were in a some local currency. The Assistant was able to identify the currency photographed, how much money, run the conversion, and read the answer in a sec.


If have time you can watch the whole Keynote, it is really interesting.


Source: Goolge