Apple unveiled the Apple Watch series 3

Apple Watch series 3 cellular

Apple Watch series 3 cellular

As we predict earlier today, Apple unveiled its third-generation smart watch, the Apple Watch series 3 with cellular capability, in its Special Event.

Let us start with a new generation of watch that support internet connectivity via cellular data and 4G networks, which means you will not need to connect with your iPhone to get the network.

From the design you will notice a red dot on the side of the button.

You can use your same phone number on iMessages to connect through the watch. The watch supports Apple Music so you can stream 40 millions songs from just your wrist.

Internally the clock processor has been improved and became dual-core which means speeding up services such as Siri, and Wi-Fi has been improved 85% faster thanks to the W2 chip for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with altimeter.

Interestingly, Apple has developed a data transmission antenna on the same screen and supports UMTS networks ie 3G and 4G.

As usual, the new watch will be available with a large number of body and bracelets options in terms of colors and materials made of them.

Finally the price will be available starting from $ 329 without data connection and $ 399 for the model with data connection, and the price of the old generation series 2 has been reduced to $ 249.

The pre-order starts September 15 and it will be available for sale September 22.


Source : Apple